3010 Visual metal detectors

3010 Visual metal detectors
The metal detector is a digital intelligent (the type of display screen) detector using original U.S. PTA32CPU processors as the core digital signal processing circuit. It has a Discriminant power, the higher the accuracy of significant features of metal detection can be directly displayed on the LCD screen to reflect its more intuitive, which can be set to detect metal type, set the tone to determine the type of metal detection, ... Detect settings, the product is simple to facilitate same as that of the mobile phone operation.
The metal detector is used to detect metal objects on the ground floor, which in addition to military applications, but also
Widely used in security checks, archeology, prospecting, looking for treasure lawn metal foreign body, treasure the desert, grassland treasure.
Especially suitable for foreign body in the desert looking for metal, gold and silver jewelry and coins of various types of currency.
Technical parameters:
1. Three operating modes: all-metal, disc-style tags.
2. LCD display the type of metal.
3. Sensitivity:> 500cm
4. Three different voices to distinguish between different metals.
5. Less power consumption
6. Frequency: 6.6KHz
7. Variable S-and-under bracket in hand.
8. Inch waterproof probe.
9. 2-9V alkaline battery.

Product Origin: joint venture by China and USA
Model Number: MD 3010
Brand Name: dalilai metaldetector

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