A11 invisible Camera bags

A11 invisible Camera bags
Memory performance parameters
1. Audio video recording: ASF digital format, every minute megabytes of memory space occupied by 8 per hour with about 500 megabytes of memory. 8Kbps support of the recording compression rate to 320Kbps, WMA24K to 128Kbps
2. Audio player: MP3 stereo decoder, WMA (support for DRM) WAV file format, and so on.
3. Video player: support ASF format MEPG-4, or conversion ASF format software into play.
4. Images with high compression ratio (about 4:1);
5. Display: 2.5 inches Digital Color TFT LCD screen, while support for the camera while watching
6. Microphone recording, support for LINE-IN recorded;
7. Standard USB interface, built-in SD card expansion slot.
8. Power: 5V/2A power: about 1.1W
9. Memory lithium battery 2300mAh, time 300 minutes
Camera performance parameters
Camera device: 1 / 3 CCD SONG built in the bag, leaving only 0.1 cm in diameter of the holes for shooting
Standard: PAL / CCR NTSC / EIA
Effective pixels: PAL: 628 × 582 NTSC: 510 × 492
Standard-definition: 420 ~ 480TV Line
Scanning frequency left bamboo AL / CCR: 50Hz NTSC / EIA: 60Hz
The most low-light: 0.01lux
Sensitivity: +18 dB-AGL
Voltage: DC9V/12V
Current: 200mA
Power: 200mW
A dedicated camera rechargeable lithium batteries Dimensions: 90 × 55 × 20mm
Rechargeable lithium battery capacity: 1800 mA
Xinhua Li-working hours: 3 to 5 hours

Camera bag product configuration (the following components, all placed in a "30 high 6 cm thick, 20" folder bag)
1, a special pinhole camera
2, a mini-sensitive microphone
3, a dedicated line to record
4, a digital memory
5,12 V dedicated a rechargeable lithium battery
6,12 V a special charger
7,5 V a special charger (for the memory charge)
8, USB cable of a
9, Manual (with CD-ROM) a
10, a wallet package of the product quality and package design can be made to customer requirements are: easy to use, recording, the voice of the high-definition image, no distance limitations, the distance from the restrictions
This product is a reporter in general, public security, lawyers, industry and commerce, such as detective agencies to investigate and track evidence. Used for illegal purposes is strictly prohibited!

Product Origin: CHINA
Model Number: A11
Brand Name: dalilai

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