TS500 metal detector

TS500 metal detector

This apparatus is using the latest technology to develop a new generation of metal detectors. It has a greater depth and accurate detection of the recognition of professional ultra-deep probe, in particular, apply to the formation of deep exploration operations.
In the use of old-style metal detectors, the most annoying problem is that the ground: With the disk to detect the distance between the ground and change the signal apparatus followed changes in the probe if the disk swept ground surfaces, the change is even more A large, the operator heard everywhere as if the sound signal, there really are unclear about the buried metal. This phenomenon is called "mineralization reaction." Caused by "mineralization reaction" of the reasons is due to the soil and pose a variety of minerals to make Signal equipment. Complexity of the structure of the soil in place, "mineralization reaction" very strong signal that causes the signal will be even more significant than the metal, then the operator will be very difficult to determine where the signal is in the end buried in metal or "mine Reaction. "
There are instruments of the balance lines, to remove all "mineralization reaction", detected only in the face of metal plate when a signal, which has greatly enhanced the depth and accuracy of detection.
This apparatus is equipped with two small probe set. Under normal circumstances, such as indoors or more complex soil conditions, the use of small plate for the detection of conventional detection. Routine work to detect stability, to distinguish accurately, the quality of the anti-interference ability. In special circumstances, such as the quality of the field in the uniform of the lot, looking for goals and buried very deep, you can use to detect large plate for better detection, better detection equipment when more in-depth probe, but the clutter vulnerable to interference .

Specification parameters
Weight: about 4.5kg
Power: Batteries
Maximum depth of the probe: 5 m

Product Origin: Taiwan
Model Number: TS500
Brand Name: dalilai metal detector

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